DTC Fault Code

DTCs notify users if there's a certain issue in your vehicle. Each code corresponds to a particular issue in a vehicle. A corresponding dtc fault code is activated once vehicle trouble is detected.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) are categorized into 4 main systems and they are started with 4 different letters (P-U-B-C). The first letter in the DTC corresponds to the type of system that relates to the trouble code.

In most cases, you will see a 'P' that indicates a powertain issue, which includes a vehicle's engine, emission, and transmission systems. 'B' codes signal body issues, such as problems with climate control, lighting, or airbags. 'C' codes point to chassis problems, including braking, steering, or suspension issues, and 'U' codes indicate network communication errors, such as wiring problems.

Decoding DTC Codes

Types Of Codes : Pending Codes - Confirmed Codes - Permanent Codes

First Character

Code Meaning
P Powertrain
U Network
B Body
C Chasis

Second Character

Code Meaning
0 Generic OBD Code
1 Vehicle Manufacturer Specific Code
2 Vehicle Manufacturer Specific Code
3 Vehicle Manufacturer Specific Code

Third Character

Code Meaning
0 Metal works on engine
1 Measurement of air and fuel
2 Measurement of air and fuel
3 Ignition system
4 Additional emission control
5 Speed and idle regulation
6 Computer and output signals
7 Transmission
8 Transmission
9 Control modules, input and output signals

Fourth And Last Character

Code Meaning
00 - 99 Brand Related Faults

OBDII (DTC) Diagnostic Trouble Codes

OBD2 Code check list:

Powertrain codes
P0xxx - Generic
P1xxx - Manufacturer-specific
P2xxx - Generic
P30xx-P33xx - Manufacturer-specific
P34xx-P39xx - Generic

Chassis codes
C0xxx - Generic
C1xxx - Manufacturer-specific
C2xxx - Manufacturer-specific
C3xxx - Generic

Body codes
B0xxx - Generic
B1xxx - Manufacturer-specific
B2xxx - Manufacturer-specific
B3xxx - Generic

Network Communication codes
U0xxx - Generic
U1xxx - Manufacturer-specific
U2xxx - Manufacturer-specific
U3xxx - Generic

For more detailed dtc fault data please select your code below.

4 different DTC codes are listing :

Read The Codes:

With so many moving parts, there are countless fault codes that tell you what needs attention on your vehicle. Your OBD system detects faults in your car and displays a trouble code that tells you and your mechanic what needs service in order to get your vehicle back on the road. P,U,B and C codes there is totally 52.000 .

Before start the process

Only a qualified trained service technician equipped with the correct diagnostic and repair equipment can perform OBD-related repairs. Vehicle owners should ask their vehicle repair facility if the technicians have received proper training and have access to the necessary equipment to properly service OBD-equipped vehicles.

DTC engine OBD/2 fault codes list.

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