Failure of Engine to Develop Full Power

Failure of Engine to Develop Full Power Problem Reasons :
Possible Causes :

1. Carburetor control linkage improperly adjusted
2. Mixture too lean or too rich
3. Throttle valve not fully open
4. Improper grade of fuel
5. Air leak in carburetor
6. Incorrect fuel pressure
7. Improper valve clearance
8. Improper grade of oil
9. Oil too hot or too cold
10. Rocker arms not properly lubricated
11. Incorrect valve or ignition timing
12. Defective spark plugs
13. Weak magneto magnets
14. Burned or pitted contact breaker points
15. Excessive carbon and pre‐ignition
16. Intake manifold too cold
17. Pressure type carburetor in gravity system
18. Weak or broken valve springs
19. Low cylinder compression
20. Valve seats scored or worn
21. Bent pushrods
22. Excessive back pressure from exhaust manifold
23. Engine stiff or tight
24. Incorrect propeller setting, or warped propeller blades
25. Engine overheating
26. Carburetor venturi too small
27. Carburetor icing
28. Improper grade of fuel
29. Defective supercharger

DTC engine OBD/2 fault codes list.

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