Faulty Spark

Faulty Spark Problem Reasons :
Possible Causes :

1. Breaker point clearance incorrect
2. Breaker points burned or dirty
3. Collector brush worn out or dirty
4. Distributor brush worn out or dirty
5. Distributor segments/rotor contact corroded or burnt
6. Collector ring short circuited or dirty
7. Distributor rotor short circuited or dirty
8. Incorrect E‐gap
9. Primary winding short circuited or dirty
10. Secondary winding short circuited or burned out
11. Condenser short circuited or punctured
12. Magnets weak or crossed
13. Loose or corroded connection within the magneto
14. Ground wire or switch short circuited
15. Moisture within the magneto
16. Armature touches pole pieces
17. Foreign material collected on armature
18. Defective spark plugs
19. Carbon tracks resulting from flashover caused by moisture.

DTC engine OBD/2 fault codes list.

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