Low Oil Pressure

Low Oil Pressure Problem Reasons :
Possible Causes :

1. Insufficient oil supply
2. Oil pump not primed
3. Improper setting of pressure relief valve
4. Foreign matter in relief valve
5. Defective pressure gauge, or clogged gauge line
6. Improper grade of oil
7. High oil temperature
8. Leak in suction lines
9. Dirt in oil screens
10. Foaming in oil tank
11. Oil congealed in intake line
12. Excessively diluted oil
13. Broken oil line
14. Excessive cam follower to crankcase clearance
15. Excessive bearing clearance or wrong undersize bearings
16. Crankshaft plugs leaking or missing
17. Worn oil pump gears
18. Broken oil pump gears or drive shaft

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